Currently recognized more as a contemporary master for her paintings, Susan's passion for composing and song writing continues to grow. Now with hundreds of copyright musical arrangements and songs to her credit she finds the process of songwriting very blissful. Susan works hard at developing her skill with each new creative endeavor, as she is aware of the distinctive character of song writing. Her strength is with lyrics that capture the “story telling” aspect within a song.

At the beginning of her career, Susan started to listen to both Country songs for their story telling quality and then opera for their unique ability in setting a mood. Susan discovered the power of music touched her in a way she never realized before. Her passion grew for musical arrangements with words and sounds that would touch the heart and spirit of the listeners.

Her commitment to music led to the composition and production of several cd’s over the past ten years.

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You're Not Alone -
You're Not Alone (in Spoken Word) is about love, emotions, our human connections & person's desire to be related too.

If You Know Love -

Abuzz -
The creative theme for Susan's, "Abuzz" music CD, is definitely for energizing a person’s spirit. Abuzz is truly one of her best works, full of vigor with a new electronic, popular New Age sound.

Cause of You -
This video is about a travel adventure which inspired the following music and image (pics self taken). A fantastic, thrilling travel adventure.

Mira's Dragonfly -
Mira's Dragon Fly is a track from Susan's 2014 album "Electro Excite".

Water’s Footprints -
The inspiration came from listening to different sounds made by moving lakes, springs, and oceans. Susan believes there is no other sound on earth that can both inspire, renew a person spirit.

So Many Ways -
with a mix of ten original New Age and Jazz influenced tracks.

Feeling IT -
Original heart-felt music, strongly influenced by her recent trip to Spain in spring 2009. Each track’s composition gives her lyrics a sensitive but upbeat Latin favour.

Water's Whisper's -

On The Wings of Change -  

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