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An early introduction to the arts enabled Susan to develop a profound appreciation for artistic expression. Mostly self taught, her humble beginning started with writing poetry and lyrics in her teens by making nightly entries in her bedside journal. She would write down highlights of her day, her feelings and her observations.

Susan began painting full time in 1997, relying on inspiration from the work of Monet, van Gogh, Turner, and Emily Carr to guide her in her own unique interpretation of landscapes, seascapes, and abstracts paintings. Her passion for painting and songwriting is emotional and boundless.

As a professional independent artist, she has come to value how precious time and life truly is. Visually, she explores how nature is so delicate, rich in patterns and rhythm. In her own life, she has had to face many challenges that have enriched her as a person emotionally. As she continues on her journey of artistic expression, she has become acutely aware that life is about more than simply existing. It's a celebration that can be realized once you embrace the fullest of nature's force, the beauty in a person's spirit, and in humanity. One gains a better knowledge about the art of living, the art of loving, and individual purpose. By observing nature, she's discovered her own passion for life.

She considers herself very lucky to have discovered her creative side and imagination in her artistry. Today, her main focus has been on songwriting and painting. In both creative outlets, she endeavours to express fantasy and the beauty she sees in nature and in people.

In painting, her colours are otherworldly and her portrayal of the natural world takes the viewer beyond a simple mirrored reflection of nature. Her paintings are emotionally charged with intensity akin to the work of Van Gogh, playing with light and colour saturation boldly and creatively. Her paintings seek human emotion in nature and reflect it back to the viewer-an especially extraordinary and powerful enterprise. With passion and simplicity, she captures nature's beauty in landscapes and seascapes.

Susan uses rich colours and texture in her artwork. Combining palette knife and brush strokes, using oil, mixed media and simple themes, she aims to evoke a strong emotional message in her paintings. The mood is superbly conveyed and original.

The poet in Susan gives her work its thoughtful mood as she explores her innermost desire to protect our natural environment and celebrate the simplicity of life and the feeling of freedom.

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